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Published in print and online every Thursday at

Washington, Georgia, by

Wilkes Publishing Co., Inc.

The Official Organ of Washington and Wilkes County, Georgia.

Offices are located at 116 W. Robert Toombs Avenue, Washington, Georgia.

Mailing address is Post Office Box 340, Washington, Georgia 30673.

email: ----------- Telephone: 706-678-2636

Editor & Publisher

Sparky Newsome 

 News editor/photographer

Kip Burke

 Managing editor

Mary Newsome

 Circulation manager

Teri Eno

 Classified/Office manager

Jane Newsome


Mary J. Newsome

 Society editor

Susan H. Pope


Eric Sifre

 Rayle Correspondent

Bonnie Boatright

Tignall correspondent

Eudora Huyck

Advertising sales

Cathy Lannae

 Tyrone correspondent

Pricilla Maxwell

Member: Georgia Press Association


One year in Wilkes County, $21.00

One year outside Wilkes County, $28.00

(sales tax included)

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